Tree to Tub Hydrating Face Moisturize and Face Serum for Face & Wrinkles – Water-Based Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E, Organic Aloe, Green Tea, Natural Ginseng and Hydrating Facial Serum for Dry & Sen

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Brand Story - BabyBrand Story - Baby

Bath Time Sucked

When I was a kid in Taiwan, I would do anything to avoid a bath – cry, scream, even play dead. It wasn’t that I liked to be dirty. It was because regular soaps and shampoos would irritate my skin, making it red and uncomfortable all over. Even the “better” ones burned or stung my skin. We tried everything. From pharmaceutical brands recommended by dermatologists to products made naturally—nothing worked for my skin.


Saved by My Grandma

One day my grandma brought home Soapberries—the little fruits indigenous people used to wash before soap was invented. With a rub, these berries magically lathered up like soap, but didn’t bother my skin at all!

I felt safe in the shower, and finally I started to feel comfortable in my own skin, literally!

Brand Story - QVCBrand Story - QVC

Sharing Nature’s Gifts

What’s better than discovering a miraculous, gentle soap fruit for sensitive skin? Sharing it! Not everyone has a special grandma, but everyone can experience what nature has to offer. After college, my buddy Brian and I quit our jobs, packed our bags, and started this rollercoaster journey. From almost going broke to selling on national TV, after all, here we are, welcoming you to experience nature’s gentle gifts.

Skin Care for Sensitive SkinSkin Care for Sensitive Skin

No Harm, Just Love We don’t just want to take care of your skin. We want to take care of the people and the land too. That’s why we partner with local communities and eco-reserves in Taiwan to sustainably bring Soapberries from indigenous trees to your tub, in PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) packaging—no harm, just love.


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